Rider Spotlight! Meet Wendy U.

Rider Spotlight! Meet Wendy U.

We’re so excited for you to get to know Wendy! She’s one of our Unlimited Members and has taken almost 350 classes at our studios! She rides at Del Mar and shows up with the upmost positive energy and is known to give out shots of green juice after classes. She’s a a CEO, a philanthropist, a mom, an ultra marathoner…Wendy does it all and she does it with strength, love, and a positive mindset.

What inspired you to join VERVE Studios?

I’m a very (slow like a snail) distance (ultramarathon) runner and was lookingg for a great place to cross-train when my former spin studio closed. Not only did I find an amazing studio to cross train, but an incredible, happy community!

What keeps you motivated to keep riding and being part of the VERVE community?

I’m dating myself, but VERVE makes me think of the theme song from the 80’s TV show “Cheers” which took place at a fun, local bar “Where everybody knows your name.” Not only will you get the BEST and most FUN sweat-flinging workout anywhere, but you will leave with new friends and a smile on your face the size of Texas!

When you’re not at VERVE, what are you doing? What are your hobbies, interests, and/or career, etc?

I’m always at VERVE! Ha! But when I’m not, I love my job as CEO of the Epilepsy Foundation. Volunteering is also my jam – I serve on the boards for San Diego Rotary, the San Diego Library Commission and National Diversity Council. I enjoy spending time with my two very busy daughters and husband too. Any extra time, you can find me in the mountains on the trails.

What is your favorite VERVE memory?

So many! Each day rocks because we’re always greeted by the most amazing, happy studio coordinators and staff. And Shanimal’s birthday ride was FIRE. Watching her take in the love from all of the riders was priceless too! Thanks Lena and team for creating such a FAB place!

What’s your favorite food?

Kale and French Fries – ha ha!

If you were to pick a theme ride, what would you pick?

Megan Thee Stallion or Prince a close second

Favorite move on the bike?

Push ups!! (oh and the second we get to put down the weights – ha!)

Book a bike at the Del Mar studio and ride with Wendy and the VERVE fam! New to VERVE? Get a Two Week Pass for $20!

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