Jenny Gaither is an inspiring and compassionate instructor hailing from Santa Cruz, CA. With over 11 years of experience in teaching fitness and specializing in indoor cycling, Jenny has made a significant impact leading classes at studios in New York and San Francisco. She is not only a seasoned instructor but also the Founder of the Movemeant Foundation, Brave Babe confidence coaching, and the Mind Your Confidence Podcast. Her coaching platforms help Millennial women prioritize themselves, achieve their goals, and overcome obstacles in relationships, career, and well-being.

Having embarked on a new chapter in her life, Jenny made the move to San Diego to fully dedicate herself to her business on the West Coast. She is grateful to have found VERVE Studios as a community to continue her passion for teaching and empowering others through movement. Jenny’s classes are meticulously designed to foster a safe and inclusive environment for riders of all skill levels. Jenny’s objective is to challenge, empower, and inspire her riders. Her goal is to make each class the highlight of their day, providing them with a much-needed release and escape from the demands of daily life. Through her classes, riders can reconnect with their bodies, find solace in a like-minded community, and embrace a sense of limitlessness and invincibility.

HOMETOWN:  Santa Cruz, CA.

Favorite concert or show:  Maggie Rogers

Favorite move on the bike: Pushes against resistance or sprints in the saddle.

INSTAGRAM @jennygaither