Our signature 45-minute indoor cycling class emphasizing rhythm-based choreography, high intensity intervals and upper body strength training to create a dynamic, full-body workout!


A 45-min full body strength training workout with medium to heavy dumbbells, bands and a mat. This class is designed to help you improve muscular endurance, build strength and increase mobility and athletic performance. Tap into your mental fitness and experience the accountability from working out with a team. Our coaches will guide you through blocks of movement and provide modifications and progressions for all levels.


A 60-min vinyasa flow with an emphasis in breath, movement and alignment. Improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and increase strength, balance and mobility in our music-driven and purposeful yoga classes.

Our booking window opens up 7 days in advance. To reserve a class, purchase a credit or membership online or in-studio and book your spot. Find/Buy Classes here.

To cancel your reservation in a VERVE Studios class you must cancel online or call the studio.
To unreserve your class, you must go online or call the studio no later than 5PM the day before your scheduled class. Your class will be returned to your account.

If you do not unreserve your class before the cancellation window (5pm the day before your scheduled class) or you do not show up for class, you forfeit a class credit from any limited use membership. Unlimited Members or weekly trial holders: If you late cancel or no show your class, you will receive a $15 non-refundable cancellation penalty fee.