Born and raised in San Diego, Shan P. brings her friendly and fun energy to our VERVE podium! She is a fitness instructor and mom of 3 beautiful children. She loves being a source of positive energy for others and brightening their day. She wants you to feel challenged and pushed out of your comfort zone all while feeling empowered and proud of your effort and hard work. She’s all about staying determined and putting in consistent effort to get a little bit better than yesterday.

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Favorite concert or show: Man of the Woods Tour with Justin Timberlake in LAS VEGAS

Favorite move on the bike: Tap back to push-up! I love how all riders can show up every rider, seasoned veteran or first timer, is able to really take up space and show their strength on that bike.

What is something on your bucket list?: I’d love to visit my Grandfather’s hometown, Pago Pago, in American Samoa, with my family.

SHAN P.  @shanpsays_aloha .