Meet Instructor Hailey, a vibrant and dynamic cycling teacher with five years of experience in the saddle. Her infectious energy and free-spirited nature make every class an exhilarating ride. With her silly sense of humor and unapologetic authenticity, she creates a welcoming environment where riders can truly be themselves. Hailey’s goal is to empower her students to embrace their truest selves, leaving her class feeling confident and inspired to express their honest selves.

HOMETOWN:  Hailey hails from the lively town of Temecula, CA.

Favorite concerts: Hailey’s favorite concerts include epic performances by Greta Van Fleet, Stevie Nicks, and Pink Floyd, where she can rock out and let loose.

Favorite move on the bike: On the bike, her favorite moves are body rocks and tap backs, adding a playful twist to every session.

INSTAGRAM Follow her exciting journey and get a glimpse into her world on Instagram @haileystrode_

Join her class, crank up the music, and ride to your heart’s content for an unforgettable ride.