Alisha was born and raised in Miami, FL, grew up in Las Vegas, lived in San Diego for 9 years and now resides in Las Vegas and has been teaching cycling classes for 8 years! Alisha joined the VERVE team in fall 2020 and loves being at VERVE when she visits San Diego – you can find her guest teaching at our Del Mar and Oceanside studios! Her classes are a combination of mental toughness and physical athleticism. It’s her goal in every class to show you what you are capable of! She wants you to feel steady and clear in who you are and the strength that you have the power to show up with on and off the bike. She’s outgoing, passionate and adventurous and brings that energy to the podium every time.

HOMETOWN: Miami, FL and Las Vegas, NV

Favorite concert or show: Santana

Favorite move on the bike: Out of the saddle run

What is something on your bucket list?: To hike Half Dome at Yosemite.

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